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Galvanized Steel Neoprene Sealing Washer

Galvanized Steel Neoprene Sealing Washer.    
Sealing Washers are a thin conically shaped round steel stamping with a centered hole.  It is bonded to a rubber/neoprene piece slightly smaller in outside and inside diameter. When these washers are assembled with screws the rubber offers a protection against leakage.  This reduces the chance of the fastening becoming loose due to vibration, and minimizes damage to the surface for which it is being attached.


Length/Size Price/100 Qty
#8-#10 X 1/2" $ 11.00
#12-1/4'' x 5/8" $ 12.00
1/4" X 1" $ 18.00
5/16'' X 1" $ 20.00