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5/16"-18 Grade 5 Hex Tap Bolt

Grade 5 Hex Tap Bolt:  The hex head bolt has the six sided hexagonal shaped head. This is a machine threaded bolt typically used with a nut or in a pre-threaded hole.  The Grade 5 bolt can be distinguished by the 3 dashes (l) on top of the head of the bolt, please see photo below.  Grade 5 hex bolts shall be heat treated, at the option of the manufacturer and tempered to a minimum tempering temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit.  A Grade 5 hex bolt has greater tensile strength than a Grade 2 hex bolt, and its yield to tensile ratio is the lowest of all heat treated steels.  The length of a hex bolt is determined by measuring from under the head of the bolt to the base of the threads. A "tap" bolt is fully threaded.  Please note you are buying by the pound so confirm your pieces when considering how much to purchase. (##) Number of pieces in 1 pound

Grade: Grade 5 Diameter: 5/16
Plating: Zinc Thread Count: 18
Material: Steel Thread Length: Fully Threaded
Head Style: Hex Socket Size: 1/2
Proof Load, Lb.: 3,900 Tensile Strength, Lb.: 4,450

SAE J429 Proof Load and Tensile Strength Requirements Above
Length is Measured from Under the Head to the Bottom of the Bolt

Country of Origin varies; Country of Origin is subject to change
If plating is important please send an inquiry

Length/Size Price/1 lb. Qty
3'' (14) $ 6.40
Length/Size Price/Pkg Qty Qty
3'' $ 61.00 10 lbs
Length/Size Price/Case Qty Qty