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5/16"-18 Grade 5 Serrated Hex Flange Bolt

Serrated Hex Washer Head Flange Bolt:  This is an un-slotted hex-washer face bolt, but with a thicker flange and serrations on the bearing surface side.  Flange bolts are used in applications where loosening is possible due to stresses such as vibration.  The serrations grip to the bearing surface so more torque is needed to loosen them than to tighten the bolt.  The flange also provides more strength than a standard bolt and eliminates the need for a lock washer or locknut.  The length of a hex bolt is determined by measuring from under the head of the bolt to the base of the threads.

Your first column is the total price for 10 pieces

Grade: Grade 5 Diameter: 5/16
Plating: Zinc Thread Count: 18
Material: Steel Thread Length: Fully Threaded
Head Style: Hex Flange Socket Size: 1/2
Proof Load, Lb.: 3,900 Tensile Strength, Lb.: 4,450

SAE J429 Proof Load and Tensile Strength Requirements Above
Length is Measured from Under the Head to the Bottom of the Bolt

Country of Origin varies; Country of Origin is subject to change
If plating is important please send an inquiry

Length/Size Price/10 Qty
1'' $ 4.90
1 1/2'' $ 5.50
2'' $ 8.00
Length/Size Price/Pkg Qty Qty
1'' $ 40.00 100
1 1/2'' $ 44.80 100
2'' $ 64.00 100
Length/Size Price/Case Qty Qty