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2 1/4'' Stainless Steel Torx Drive Trim Head Screws

Stainless Steel Torx Drive Trim Head Screws:  A 18.8 Stainless Steel countersunk flat head of a width 1/3 less than a standard bugle head drywall screw.  Has a recessed torx drive.  The last few threads of the screw taper to an extra sharp point with a groove cut out (Type 17 Point) which enables the screw to drive better without pre-drilling a pilot hole. Superior corrosion resistance for exterior applications, including decks, siding and gazebos. Minimizes the chances of splitting the wood, good for attaching trim or fence railings.

Length/Size Price/1 lb. Qty
Length/Size Price/Pkg Qty Qty
2 1/4'' $ 80.00 5 lb.
Length/Size Price/Case Qty Qty