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All Weather Coating - #10 Phillips Wafer Head Self Drilling Screw

Phillips Wafer Head Self Drilling Screw With Wings, #3 Point: All Weather Coating

#10-24 x 1 7/16, wafer head with wings. Used in applications of wood to metal, where the wings ream out the wood and break of when they engage in the metal.  Your metal must be 1/8" thick in order for the wings to break off without making to large of a hole for engagement. A fastener that drills and taps its own hole during application.


Length/Size Price/100 Qty
1 7/16" $ 20.90
Length/Size Price/Pkg Qty Qty
1 7/16" $ 156.75 1000
Length/Size Price/Case Qty Qty
1 7/16" $ 366.00 4000