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1-8 Nylock

Nylon Hex Lock Nut Zinc: A six sided internally threaded nut with a nylon collar on the back side. When a bolt engages with the collar, the threads and nylon form a tight fit, restricting movement of the bolt. These nuts are low carbon steel designed to be used with low carbon steel bolts. They are a good choice if using in a situation where vibration exists.

Plating: Zinc
Material: Steel
Width Across Flats: 1.427/1.440
Height: 1.016/1.078

Country of Origin varies; Country of Origin is subject to change
If plating is important please send an inquiry

Length/Size Price/Each Qty
1'' $ 1.30 1
Length/Size Price/Pkg Qty Qty
1'' $ 9.75 10
Length/Size Price/Case Qty Qty
1'' $ 136.00 175