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Square Drive Trim Head Exterior Coated Screws

Square Drive Trim Head Exterior Coated Screws:  A countersunk flat head of a width 1/3 less than a standard bugle head drywall screw.  Has a recessed square drive.  The last few threads of the screw taper to an extra sharp point with a groove cut out (Type 17 Point) which enables the screw to drive better without pre-drilling a pilot hole. Coated for exterior applications, including decks, siding and gazebos.  Approved for pressure treated lumber. Minimizes the chances of splitting the wood, good for attaching trim or fence railings.

Length/Size Price/1 lb. Qty
1 5/8'' $ 5.90
2 1/4" $ 5.90
Length/Size Price/Pkg Qty Qty
Length/Size Price/Case Qty Qty