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1/4'' Hex Head Concrete Screw Stainless

Hex Head Concrete Screw Stainless. Concrete Screws are designed to fasten materials to concrete, brick, or cement block. Concrete screws have a minimum embedment depth of 1’’ and a maximum embedment depth of 1 ¾’.  Installing a concrete screw too deep will wear the threads and compromise the fasteners performance. Determine the minimum screw length by adding the thickness of your material to the minimum embedment depth (1’’), the maximum screw length would be determined by adding the thickness of the material to the maximum embedment depth  (1 1/2’’).  Concrete screws require holes to be pre-drilled before installation. The depth of the hole must be a minimum of ½’’ deeper than the length of the screw.  Choose the proper drill bit for your tool and base material.  Avoid over torqueing as this may strip out the fastener.

**If concrete screws are removed DO NOT REUSE!

Diameter: 1/4"


Head: Slotted Hex Washer Head

Min Embedment depth: 1’’

Material: 410 Stainless Steel

Max Embedment depth: 1 1/2’’

Drill Bit Diameter: 3/16"

Concrete must be 1.5 X Embedment

Length/Size Price/100 Qty
1 1/4'' $ 60.00
1 3/4'' $ 67.00
2 1/4'' $ 72.00
2 3/4'' $ 77.00